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I enjoy all genres of music and have so much appreciation for those that play instruments!
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Not to copy Kanye, but... Daughtry is one of the greatest bands of all time. 😁

Tim Burleigh you familiar with Tyminski?

This whole album is great... A 'rustic' kind of country music feel.

This is my daughter singing 'Happy Birthday Jesus' on December, 23rd 2017, she was about 5.5yrs old. This was recorded on my android phone.

This is my son Micah singing his version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on December 23rd, 2017, he was almost 4 years old. This was recorded on my android phone.

James Cherry
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I feel I'm in the right company to ask, what would be a good beginner setup for recording podcasts?

I would like to be able to have multiple mics, the ability to play audio from PC and/or Phone. We're thinking audio only for now, but may want to add video into the mix in the future.

And, Is there a recommended software that's user friendly? 

I've downloaded a couple demo softwares and they all seem designed for audio engineers, which I am far from.