Recommended Recording Equipment for Podcasts

I feel I'm in the right company to ask, what would be a good beginner setup for recording podcasts?

I would like to be able to have multiple mics, the ability to play audio from PC and/or Phone. We're thinking audio only for now, but may want to add video into the mix in the future.

And, Is there a recommended software that's user friendly? 

I've downloaded a couple demo softwares and they all seem designed for audio engineers, which I am far from.


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    • Check this our for a podcasting service. You may already have one in mind.

      I buy all of my sound equipment from Sweetwater Sound. They are great. I have been buying from them for about three years. They will speak with you on the phone and help you figure out exactly what you need. Your Sales Engineer will always follow up with a phone call and email after your purchase, to ensure your order arrived okay and you are satisfied.

      Below is a link to their site with Podcast Equipment Bundles with different price ranges.

      Here is also a low priced kit on Amazon. A 2 Person Podcasting Podcast Kit Soundcraft Mixer+Headphones+Mic+Stand

      Hope this helps!


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      • My Sales Engineer at Sweetwater is Nicholas Weaver. Here is his contact information if you want to reach out to him. 

        (800) 222-4700

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