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Upbeat Music Group is a free music social community created exclusively for music lovers to share their passion for music. Members may create a social profile, post status updates, upload media, write blogs, participate in the forum, or even create a private or public group. It is a great place for like-minded people to share their own music, or music from other artists. The best benefit is connecting with awesome people like you that love music.

Here are a few of the features available:

- Create a personal or business profile (public or private)

- Connect with other singers, musicians, bands, or those that just love good music

- Post status updates

- Post Media (audio, video, photos)

- Join or create your on group (private or public)

- Live chat & private messages

- Radio is live broadcasting member covers 24/7

- Earn points through activity to get on *Leaderboard for increased exposure

- Most active members have an opportunity to achieve verified status

*We have a Leader-board that displays avatars of the most active member. Points & Levels are earned through member activity. The members with the highest activity for the Week, Month, Year, and Lifetime are displayed at the top of the leader-boards, allowing them to receive additional exposure to their profiles and music.

Coming soon – Submit your cover and compete with other members in music competitions

Join our community of like-minded people, share your passion for music, inspire others, and be inspired!

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